• Phil Entzminger is a Vegan Because He Feels Healthier

  • Posted on March 20, 2019
  • While it is true that Phil Entzminger was born and partially raised in Salzburg, Germany, for all intents and purposes, he considers himself to be a New Yorker at heart. This makes sense, since he finished his childhood and graduated high school in New York City. The New York segment of his childhood seems to be the most indelible, exemplified by his strong love of baseball and his rabid devotion to the New York Mets baseball club, to the point that he calls Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner his favorite announcer.

    To this day, he and his family continue to make a trip to at least one Mets game every single summer. His obsession with the Mets is almost complete. Even after he finished college, Phil Entzminger made the decision to stay close to his family, which is why he has always lived on the East Coast of the United States. Phil Entzminger has been a practicing vegan since 2017, although he admits to not being as strict as he should be, because he simply loves cheese. Phil Entzminger is a vegan because he believes it to be a key to a healthy lifestyle. He believes his vegan diet has allowed him to think more clearly, have more energy and to feel stronger than ever before.

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